Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What are we putting in our bodies???

So its been a while since I have been on here...but the work schedule has been crazy.

I find it interesting that the more you research things the more you see the truth around you.
So my research has made me to examine foods I eat, hair, skin products I use.

Today I have made a change in several products with more to follow.

As I am writing this blog my cousin asked have I heard of a new product out there....from yours truly Ms Oprah! hydratherma naturals, carols daughters, oyin handmade products,....anyone out there used that...if so thoughts opinions. Any other natural products you are ready to use want to use or tried that was successful hair, skin, food???
But what prompted this is looking at ingredients...even ones that say all natural...and still finding things you don't understand.
So I found a great website that has been helping me...these sites have listings of the things you see in the back of you shampoos, conditioners, body soaps and lotions....so if you can't make your own products or don't have the time do some research.



Somethings I have been finding out...these products have detergents for clothes, oven cleaners, synthetic made chemicals...and I'm thinking is this really healthy to use??? I am disappointed looking at some of the labels of things I have at home. Hmmm if it works does it make it okay....is ignorance really bliss.
Well since this is the wanting to be healthier and natural side..the answer is NO. You need to be informed.
So go in your closets, medicine cabinets and look up these ingredients...at least be conscience of what we are putting on our body, and our hair....this is a part of health and growth.

I'll post on some of my new products and some products that have disappointed me on what i did think was pretty good...but turned out not to be....more to come.....


  1. Ok, I will look at my labels... But I need to keep learning what I'm looking to avoid. Thanx 4 the sites, imagine my surprise when I saw a Highly advertised product's label and it said clear as day mineral oil. Which I learned recently isnt good for your hair, and then I saw a product that even suggested using a sulfate shampoo which I also learned recently is a MAJOR NO! NO! Like you said education is key. Thanx and keep writing.

  2. Yeah...I have a policy as far as beauty prodcuts are concerned, If I cant eat it (and it be healthy), I dont put it on my body.