Monday, August 22, 2011

Keep on Moving

So today is suppose to be my fitness test day w/insanity. However due to lack of workouts for an entire week(gasps!) I am starting again today with week2.  I got some catching up to do. But I will not let this define my week I lacked as a failure...Just pick up the pieces and move forward!

I did weigh myself thank goodness through out my non workout foolishness my weight remained the same I'll take take over a gain. After week one of my insanity I did loose some body fat 29.7 to 29.2 thats a .5 loss. Lets see what I can make happen this week. While adding a family camping trip in the mix. So to prepare I am really making sure I'm eating super healthy. And active as possible. So today I was on the treadmill mix of running, incline and fast pace walking I felt pretty good. I want to make sure that not a day goes by without some type of workout. Tonight when I get home me and my Insanity have a date also. Stay tuned.

Loved this quote I found today:

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.
Wayne Dyer

With that said...I choose the latter and intend to stick with it...Thats my choice, healthy is my choice, I refuse to be miserable or remienace on old photos pining away for remnants of what I use to be, because I'm still there, w/a few bumps, bruises and learning along the way.

Self Motivation is key...hope everyone makes the choice to be self motivated at whatever goals or dreams you have.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update Insanity / Stats

I haven't logged on my blog in sometime now I wanna write away. And I'm bearing it all!
This is the start and updates will be in two weeks. See u then!

Chest 40in
L Bicep 12
R Bicep 12
Waist 38
Hips 42
L & R Thigh 22.5
L & R Thigh 22.5
L & R Calf 15
Weight 160
Body Fat 29.7

Insanity Fit Test Results:
57 Switch Kicks
40 Power Jacks
55 Power Knees
30 Power Jumps
7 Globe Jumps
8 Suicide Jumps
7 Push Ups Jacks
28 Low Plank Oblique

Workout Challenge

Well, well. looks like I'm back at it all over again. This time I'm in different spirits, a good place, good thoughts. The change...can't pinpoint it. Sometimes people say dont talk about it, just do it. In this case I am just doing this and talking about it. I feel the need to have actions, and speak out. I have been getting amazing feedback and support. Its lighting that fire under my feet. See I have been lacking motivation but I woke up one day and said enough is enough. The problem is keeping the fire fueled! So I am gathering all my strength within myself, and borrowing some from my amazing friends and family. And I'm gonna do it in words and actions. Its really time to break the cycle.

Last week I had been doing some pre workouts, doing some insanity work outs here and there. Ate really good that week and shedded some pounds. I love the insanity work out, always have yesterday me and my hubby was talking like its only two months we can do this....he is another amazing support.

This week: Insanity Monday after work, did the fitness test which I was quite suprised. I will post results and stats next time. Did the Insanity Ab workout because I felt the need to get a little more in. Took a recovery shake last night, ate dinner with family and felt really good about myself.

Happy Journey's!