Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Weigh in??

Well, today I missed my weigh in due to unforturnate circumstances. So my purpose today was to comfort family and friends. Today the weight loss didn't matter, trivial work matters didn't matter.

I supported my former manager, who took me under her wing 7years ago and helped me learned the banking business. She is ill in the hospital so my energy was away from me. We all pulled together and called each other even remember the good old Golden Bay days.

So part of my journey is unforseen circumstances. So always make sure you tell the ones you are close to you love them every chance you get.

I will offer my prayers to Jehovah to my family and friends in their time of need.
Today I also learned that being in the ministry helped me to receive encouragement that I may have not otherwise received. Yes, today I am speaking more from a faith aspect but it is part of my journey and how I am feeling.

Until next time.....

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