Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Workout Challenge

Well, well. looks like I'm back at it all over again. This time I'm in different spirits, a good place, good thoughts. The change...can't pinpoint it. Sometimes people say dont talk about it, just do it. In this case I am just doing this and talking about it. I feel the need to have actions, and speak out. I have been getting amazing feedback and support. Its lighting that fire under my feet. See I have been lacking motivation but I woke up one day and said enough is enough. The problem is keeping the fire fueled! So I am gathering all my strength within myself, and borrowing some from my amazing friends and family. And I'm gonna do it in words and actions. Its really time to break the cycle.

Last week I had been doing some pre workouts, doing some insanity work outs here and there. Ate really good that week and shedded some pounds. I love the insanity work out, always have yesterday me and my hubby was talking like its only two months we can do this....he is another amazing support.

This week: Insanity Monday after work, did the fitness test which I was quite suprised. I will post results and stats next time. Did the Insanity Ab workout because I felt the need to get a little more in. Took a recovery shake last night, ate dinner with family and felt really good about myself.

Happy Journey's!

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  1. WONDERFUL!!!! Thank u for the inspiration to get right. I have been lacking motivation as well. I know you will do well on your journey.